Dental Office Marketing

Dental Office Marketing

To remain profitable, dental offices need a high-volume business. How do you attract new patients and also ensure that your current patients return again and again? Advertising dollars are tight, and must be spent wisely. There are several key ways to advertise for dental clinics.

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It is really important that you not only have a website but that you keep it up to date with current information. It has to be mobile-friendly too because these days, patients make appointments on the go.

Let’s face it; most people are nervous about going to a new dentist, so your website needs to have “trust elements” to help them feel more comfortable. Patient testimonials are great to have. Add a bio about yourself and pictures of your dental staff.

A blog can help you with marketing as well. It can establish you as an expert on all things dental, and keep you in front of your customers. Use social media to publish that blog as well.

Social Media

And speaking of social media….you need to take advantage of paid digital advertising on these platforms. Facebook and Google allow you to geo-target customers in your area. It’s a great way to get more patients. It’s cost effective too—only pennies per potential new patient.

Email and Direct Mail Marketing

Because patients typically only visit the dentist office twice per year, they need lots of reminders to make those appointments. Repetition of material is important. Did you know that most sales take place on the fifth attempt? Keep your practice fresh in your patient’s mind. They might not be due for a cleaning, but their best friend just might be looking for a dentist. Many dentists send reminder postcards. You can even do direct mailers to target new patients close to your office. Just think about what it would mean to send postcards to everyone within a 1-mile radius of your office. That’s a lot of new patients.

You might want to consider adding a valuable offer to those mailers, such as a discount on teeth whitening or other services you offer that might not be covered by patients’ dental insurance.

There are lots of dentists out there. Patients have many choices. Use these marketing techniques to make sure they visit your office instead of your competitors. Remember that each person that walks in your door is likely to be a customer for life and that’s a lot of revenue toward your bottom line.

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