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How Digital Video Advertising Can Work for Attorneys?

A comprehensive marketing strategy for your firm will include many various aspects and tools. This includes well-made and well-placed TV commercials along with a host of other advertisements using what we now know to be God’s gift to marketers: the internet. Important aspects of internet marketing include an appealing, easy-to-use website, properly written content with a strong SEO strategy and carefully developed digital video ads.

While much of the advertising for attorneys is still done using television commercials, the world is moving more and more towards the internet and away from these more traditional means of advertising. TV commercials are still effective particularly for attorneys, in large part because they can be tailored to specific regions and aired locally. However, with the growing use of location services and other geographically specific internet marketing tools, online digital videos can now be just as effective in reaching the target audience within the target area.

Another hurdle that attorneys often faced when it came to digital advertising is the fact that legal material rarely translates well to easily consumed bits slogans or exciting bits. For instance, Red Bull has one of the most spectacular internet marketing strategies of all time, and it is largely based around their digital videos. However, it is easier to get over five million YouTube subscribers when you post videos of people skydiving or monster trucks going over cliffs. For your typical law firm, it might not be so easy.

That is why it is important to know what you are doing when delving into the world of video advertising. Of course, there are countless free platforms and hosting sites where you could try your own homemade commercials. However, many lawyers have wasted countless hours on videos made by their aspiring filmmaker step-son who volunteered to do it for free. You could obviously go this route and hope something hits, and of course it does work occasionally, but if you are serious about growing your firm through digital advertising, it would be best to get right to the serious business.

That is where DLM would come in. We specialize in writing, producing and placing digital videos to ensure your firm is represented properly and your ads reach the most potential clients. While it is similar to the TV ads we create, internet videos are different in their scope, length and other important aspects. That is why we would tailor the marketing plan to your specific needs and work on every level of the strategy from digital video ads to TV commercials to SEO content and everywhere in between.

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