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Effective Email Marketing for Attorneys

Most people get a little sick to their stomachs when they think about email marketing. That is because we all hate the idea of our cluttered inboxes being filled with more advertising. Many of us are even terrified of entering our emails on any sites or giving them out at all for fear of being bombarded by promotions and “free” gifts. These are the junk mail of the modern age, and they turn most people off from the whole concept of email marketing. That is because they are not doing it right.

A properly developed email marketing strategy should not even seem like advertising at all, and it should offer value and meaning to your target audience. This is particularly true for attorneys. The absolute last thing that you want is to give your firm a bad name with gimmicky, annoying emails. Not only are they completely ineffective, they could actually have a negative impact and work against your marketing strategy. When you consistently annoy potential customers with meaningless emails, they will tell their friends, leave bad reviews and share on social media. It creates a domino effect of bad publicity.

At the same time, email marketing may be the most effective tool a law firm can have in drawing in new clients and maintaining good relationship with current clients. Email has unlimited reach and capabilities; it is not limited to regions, audiences or times. However, it can be tailored to reaching certain demographics or audiences.

To get the most out of email marketing– and to avoid the pitfalls that create negative effects– it is important to know what you are doing. Some attorneys try to create their email marketing campaign on their own but quickly realize how complex and time-consuming it can be. A few may have even had some success with marketing created in-house, but it draws precious time and resources away that could be better spent on the practice of law.

Our experts know exactly what it takes to build a successful email marketing campaign and what mistakes to avoid. We will tailor a specific marketing strategy that fits your goals and reaches the type of audience that is most likely to use your service. This includes building an email list, developing effective headlines, proper use of promotions and other tested methods of effective email marketing that are all developed around your needs. Along with TV advertising and a well-designed website, our email marketing strategies will help take your firm to the next level and promote your image to the world.

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