Pay Per Click (PPC) Services & Remarketing

PPC Work

We do paid digital work, and focus on the following:

  • Google pay per click ads: we palce bids on keywords for your practice area. Our programmatic software helps us bid in the most efficient manner.
  • Facebook paid ads.
  • Geo fencing: ads are placed at certain geographical locations and target mobile devices with banner ads in those areas. We can target Social Security offices, hospitals, clinics, neighborhoods, etc.
  • Retargeting: once a potentia client goes to your site or landing page, they can be “followed” and the ad will appear after they leave our landing page.

Our buyers use programmatic software to place buys. This is the most effective way to buy digital advertising and takes out much of the human analysis and error. Large crporations have been buying this way for a long time now, but smaller professional service organizations can take advantage of using this cutting edge technology with the help of an agency like ours.

  • Budgets for paid digitals range from $1500 to $10,000 depending on the clients needs, desired case load, and market.
  • Our SEO and PPC work can generate cases at or below the “lead generation” companies, with the added benefit of local branding in your community.

Google Pay Per Click

One key to our successful marketing plan will be implementing Google Pay Per Click, Pay per click utilizes Google’s massive search traffic targeting keywords. When a person types in a keyword related to your business, your ad has the potential to be displayed to the clients searching for your legal services. By utilizing Google’s pay-per-click advertising, you will build your online presence to attract new clients.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

A potential client goes on to their computer and types in keywords related to your area of law practice. Google will then display the ads at the top or the side as a sponsored listing. How your ad appears will be based on a bid you have placed for the keywords. You will only be charged the bid amount when a person clicks on your ad.

Once someone clicks on your ad they will be directed to your website. Our goal is turn those clicks into clients. Our experienced marketing team will assist you in setting up your keyword list and the appropriate bid amount for those keywords. This marketing tool will allow your website to get traffic and the views immediately.

What We Do

Our team will analyze your practice and come up with a list of keywords specific to your areas of expertise. We will focus on niche keywords combined with long-tail keywords people are typing into their Google search engine. We will meet and confer with you regarding a daily budget for your keywords. We will set up tracking and analytics to examine how your pay per click campaign converts clicks into contacts and then clients. We will adjust your campaign based on the analytics to ensure your ads are performing at optimal levels.

Creating a Presence

Pay per click is a great way to create your online presence with immediate traffic. Along with our television advertisements, your presence in Google’s search engine is the key to gaining maximum exposure to potential new clients. DL Marketing LLC will provide you expertise to develop a high converting pay per click campaign.

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