Social Media Optimization for Your Law Firm

Is your company’s social media presence optimized for today’s internet? DL Marketing’s social media marketing and optimization services can get your business up to speed.

Lawyers can benefit from a social media presence for several reasons. In this article, we’ll start by talking about social media marketing on Facebook. It’s a great destination for a lot of reasons – and DL Marketing can guide your success there.

Then, we’ll tell you some of the ways we can help with your law firm’s social media marketing optimization. We’ll explain why you should participate in social media across several channels. We’ll also share a few practical examples that may help for you.

Social Media Marketing For Lawyers on Facebook

In today’s internet driven society, business are expected to be more than just the services they offer. Consumers want a story. They want to see an organization interact with it’s users through social media.

Over 50 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages to engage with their audience. Facebook business pages are technically free for anyone to use. All you need is a valid email address and a facebook account.

These pages provide a great way for you to start a conversation with your customer on a reputable, popular social media network. But if you really want to make the most of Facebook advertising, you’ll have to spend money on premium advertisements. 2 million businesses utilize Facebook – as part of their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Having a successful Web 2.0 presence takes more than paying extra to showcase a Facebook business page. You have to know how to post quality content that your audience will find useful. It’s not enough to just blast status updates on a preset schedule. If your customers don’t find your posts engaging, your message will soon be lost in the traffic.

DL Marketing is a professional multi-channel advertising agency that specializes in disability law social media marketing. Read more for a glance into our optimization techniques and the different destinations we utilize.

Law Firm SMO Services

DL Marketing’s social media optimization (SMO) can make your law firm’s social media identity stand out. Here’s an overview of our process and a sample of some of the services we offer.

We produce informative, entertaining, and persuasive content that is search engine optimized (SEO) to improve your results. Some examples of this content include uniquely written articles and status updates, links to news stories regarding disability law, and/or visual compositions that relate to your practice.

We take your exclusively crafted and pair it with an intentionally planned delivery schedule. Using technology and dedicated human talent, we’ll help you make sure that your content is released at the best times possible. Whether you’re trying to stick to a posting schedule or you need to start one from scratch, we’ll create a strategy that works for your business. And our SMO specialists will implement your campaigns for you, too.

Then, we monitor the interactions that your user base has with your content. Using this analysis, we can draw valuable insights that can then produce better results for your business.

Law Firm Social Media Marketing Across All Platforms

Getting your law firm on Facebook is just the start of DL Marketing’s SMO strategy. DL Marketing delivers cross-platform social media solutions. We’ll help you create an identity that keeps continuity with your audience no matter where they interact with you.

Here are just a few destinations where we offer our SMO services – along with a few reasons why your law firm’s social media marketing needs to be there too:

Instagram – A photo-sharing app with instant messaging and user interactions. Showcase you or your associates in the courtroom. Display your office and headshot so people can put a place and face to your name. Make use of popular hash tags to connect with related content producers and potential customers – and be sure to follow back!

Twitter – Originally based around text status no longer than 140 characters, this incredibly high volume app now allows longer status messages, videos, photos, and more. With over 320 million active monthly users, having a Twitter presence is a must for a socially active business. It’s a great place to answer customer questions, reply to feedback, and post news or announcements about your disability law firm.

Pinterest – An image board that connects users through the sharing and collecting of other people’s photos. While this is an obvious destination for visually inclined services and products, lawyers can also use this platform. Consider posting inspirational quotes or phrases that relate to your audience. Create a “mood board” that reflects common issues that people face – include answers that your practice provides.

YouTube – With over 1.5 billion active users during any given month, YouTube may the most popular video platform on the internet. It’s also a useful social marketing tool. Make a digital video that answers common disability law questions. A prospective client may come across this video and then decide to seek your services. Post your company’s TV commercial on your YouTube channel to get more business.

LinkedIn – A social media network designed for professionals to network and for employers and employees to connect. Use LinkedIn as an informal means of “socially” networking with your colleagues. Use the platform to create connections with people you haven’t met in person. Keep your professional associates updated with your law firm’s happenings. Refer business to your friends when appropriate, and hope they do the same!

DL Marketing offers social media optimization strategies to grow your law firm’s social media marketing. Contact us right now and we’ll help your law firm with our SMO services today.

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