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TV Advertising

If a high volume professional organization wants to increase its volume at the lowest possible cost per client, TV is a great option.

  • We run tested and effective TV advertisements for our clients. We are DR advertising, so our scripts and schedules encourage potential clients to call in immediately. These scripts have been tested in markets throughout the country and they work. We have trademarked taglines and scripts, as well as professional studio, and even actors who can be the spokeperson in the ad. We generally shoot 4:30 commercials. The cost is $5,000 for all 4 commercials (this includes production, an actor, etc), and once filmed they can be used for years. The attorney can be the spokesperson in their ads but it will require travelto Los angeles,CA.
  • We buy on shows, times, and station that work and have been tested across the country. We also buy at the lowest possible cost. Most of our clients see 25% to 50% reduction in the cost of their TV advertising, when we take over their account.
  • Our media buying and negotiating approach is unique and the firstof its kind. We use a “Restricted Rotator” buying approach, and our negotiations are done based on solid numbers, focusing on the cost per thousand (how many people are seeing the shows when your commercials run). Most agencies either buy commercials in the following 2 ways: 1. A “spot buying” approach, choosing a particular show, time, day and station, and pay “rute card” rates with little to no negotiation. They also buy without negotiating based on viewership/ the cost per thousand. The first approach may reach the proper audience, but at exorbitant rates, withouot getting enough frequency for the client. 2. Another group of agencies buy in more “remnant” media buying/”board rotator” approach. They offer stations a set low rate to run over a long period of time, such as M-F 6am to 6pm. This approach gets the frequency you need but does not target the proper satations and your target demo, so there is a lot waste with commercials running on shows that your target demo was not watching.
  • The “Restricted Rotator” buying approach is implemented with the following:
    1. We research stations, times,and viewership.
    2. We make offer to stations based solely on viewership and buy ONLY on stations, shows, and times that reach our target demo.
    3. We only buy on station if they accept our requested cost per thousand and a schedule that runs as a low rotator rate, but is restricted to certain shows and times that are tested and effective for our target demo. We get the low rates of a board rotator and the same selective time period of the spot buying approach. The best of both worlds.
  • Our effective creative, coupledwith the restricted rotator approach, and knowladge of the niche media buying market ensure we deliver the best ROI for you.
  • We run our commercials mostly on local broadcost TV, rather than cable TV. These stations have high viewership and reach both households who pay for cable and those who can not afford cable. The stations we focus on are the CW, FOX, MyTV, ABC, NBC, and others. We generally run day time schedules while our client’s offices are open. Also the injured and disabled are at home during the day, many watching TV.
  • For TV to be effective we recommend monthly budgets ranging from $5,000 per month to $100,000 per month, depending on your market viewership and your goals for firm growth.
  • We are paid with any agency discount of 15%, so you essentially hire us at no cost. If you place your own ads you get no discount. TV stations give us a discount as we bring them lots of business.
  • We offer a free call tracking service to you at no additional cost. We use unique numbers for each ad, and give you a login, so you can see in real time how many calls our campaigns generate for you. Calls can also be recorded to analyze your intake procedure and client service.
  • We offer a free consultation to all clients with the country’s leading consultant on intake and client service.

TV Advertising Strategies for Attorneys

While a successful marketing plan has many aspects, one of the most crucial elements for name recognition and growth is TV advertising. If you are opening a new firm, good commercials can help you build a name for yourself and get you the right kind of publicity. If you are a member of an already well-established firm, a strong TV advertising campaign can take you to new levels of growth and success.

This is unlikely to be news to anyone reading this. Everyone knows that TV commercials are an important aspect of marketing, but you are probably not aware of all that goes into creating a good TV campaign. You may have already tried this in the past and learned that there is much more required than a camera and a clever script. The script writing and initial commercial production are obviously important, but there are many other important aspects that can be more complex. Some of the many facets of this that we help with include:

  • TV advertisement production
  • Writing television ads
  • Market analysis and research
  • Market planning
  • Rate negotiations
  • Media buying
  • Creating taglines
  • Ratings and results analysis

These are just a few of the key aspects of successful TV marketing that we can help with. Obviously, your specialty is with your clients and in the courtroom, not in marketing your services, and that is why we are here. We will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy specifically designed for your firm and to reach the right kind of potential clients for you. We pride ourselves on the level of creativity we are able to bring to each client’s strategy, so while we do have our copyrighted ads that we know will work, we will also create new ones that help exhibit your unique characteristics in the market.

While the ad creation is an obviously important element, there are many other aspects of the marketing strategy we will work on simultaneously. As experienced marketing professionals, we will also assume the responsibility of negotiating and overseeing media buys. This means you will not have to haggle with local stations and deal with confusing media lingo, just to hope that you can get the most out of the time you purchase.

We also know how to research and analyze the results of the ads and make changes accordingly. With our experience in this field, we know what works and we will handle every aspect of the process so that your firm can reach new levels of growth and success.

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