Internet Marketing for Personal Injury Law

What is the best way to advertise your personal injury firm on the Internet? You’ve probably heard terms like SEO and click-through, but what does it all mean?

It is important to hire a firm that understands how to properly place your personal injury firm in the right niche for Internet marketing. In fact, personal injury law is an extremely competitive market, so it is important to implement things like search engine optimization (SEO) so potential clients find your firm—before they find your competitors.

We understand SEO and use keywords specific to your field, such as mesothelioma, defective products, recalls and auto accidents. The goal is to move your firm up on the search engine list, so that when clients search in Google, Yahoo! or Bing, your firm lands at or near the top of the list. For instance, on Google, law firms much purchase Google Adwords to be able to move up on the list, and the keywords above, related to personal injury, are some of the most expensive keywords, indicating the extreme competitiveness in the market. As a result, it is becoming more and more competitive to break into page one of search results. And that is where we can help.

Where you end up on the page is determined by your Google ranking, and the way Google arrives at that ranking has become more and more complex and the Google search engine has become more and more sophisticated. They used to just consider traditional SEO factors like page optimization, but now, many factors are taken into account, such as the geographic location of your firm, whether your physical address appears on certain pages, how many Google+ reviews you have, and other factors to create what Google terms a “blended search result”.

The good news is that we keep up with all these changes. We also implement cutting-edge solutions and strategies to keep you way ahead of your competition. And we are timely—we make changes quickly to adjust to the ever-changing search engine parameters.

We are also a design firm, and can create a new Website or modify your existing one so that the image you portray to clients is one of a lawyer who has earned trust and served clients well. You don’t want a website where you come across as a stereotypical ambulance chaser. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

Call us today for more information. We’ll review your current state, and tell you how we can improve your search rankings. We’ll also tell you what is missing from your firm’s website. Give us a call!

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