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This privacy policy is for the website and DL Marketing, LLC (DLM). DLM may collect some information about visitors when they visit our website. Information collected may include the visitors location, IP address, pages visited, amount of time spent on the DLM website, and search terms used to find our DLM website. The DLM site uses “cookies”. A cookie is data stored on the DLM website visitor’s computer. We use cookies for remarketing and to improve the use of our DLM website. A cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information. You may choose to not allow cookies, if you prefer. Information collected by the DLM website may be used for remarketing, to analyze our website marketing, and to improve the DLM website visitor’s experience. We are very careful and take precautions to protect the privacy of your information; however, browsing our website and submitting information is done at your own risk.

California Do Not Track:

Our web services do not alter, change, or respond upon receiving Do Not Track (DNT) requests or signals in browsers. As described in more detail above, we track user activity using web server logs, cookies, and similar technologies. Information collected in web server logs helps us analyze website usage and improve the user’s experience. Cookies allow us to offer you a customized experience and present relevant advertising to you.

Our Staffing Company

Need Intake Agents, Phone Answering Services and Back Office Agents?

LM Summary Services provides innovative high-quality Business Transformation Services for SSDI and Mass Tort Firms right from contact center, to medical summarization, to back-office support, to retainer management, to paralegal support, to mass torts settlements.

LM Summary Services