• Why should I hire DL Marketing?

    Experience, commitment to quality, and straightforwardness are essential qualities in any marketing agency. We possess all of these at DL Marketing. You can rely on us to handle all aspects of purchasing TV advertisements, at the best possible rates, which will maximize your return on investment. Our team has a firm grasp on which media buying strategies generate positive results. We don’t waste your money on futile campaigns. We monitor what we buy to continually shift your spots for maximum results. At DLM we place our media buys based on an analysis of TV ratings data and competitive media intelligence. Our media buying strategy produces the best possible cost per case in the legal advertising industry, and our clients get results. When we make a commitment to our clients it is exclusive for that market. We work with only one law firm or advocacy organization, per practice area, per market.

  • DLM can usually get better rates after our commission than most firms can get on their own. Contrary to what many believe, creating TV advertisements and placing media buys effectively is a complicated and time consuming endeavor. It pays to put your trust in an agency that utilizes research tools to analyze local ratings data and competitive media intelligence, and apply their knowledge and strategies to your campaign. We have experience in media buying for law firms, and know what works well for Social Security, Veterans Disability, personal injury, and workers’ compensation law firms. Some individuals, or even other agencies, often pay the amounts TV stations ask for (rate card rates) with little or no negotiation. We ensure our clients’ receive the lowest possible rate per commercial, and that their commercials reach their targeted audience, for the best possible return on investment. Moreover, if a law firm decides to buy directly from TV stations, in most cases, they end up spending the same amount that they would spend when hiring an agency. If a law firm buys media directly from the TV station they pay as a direct buyer and there is no agency discount/commission.

  • The competition for clients is fierce! As hard as it may be to believe, people choose an attorney because of a 30 second spot on television. New law practices are opening every day, law firm advertising spending is increasing rapidly, and the market has never been more saturated with attorneys. Marketing and establishing brand identity is vital to your business’s success. In order to stand out from your competition and maintain a steady flow of income, broadcasting your company’s services to as many prospective clients as possible is a necessity. Professional, tasteful TV advertisements are an excellent way to attract new clients and stand out among competitors. There is still a large market of potential clients watching broadcast TV. Although the popularity of digital media has grown, broadcast TV has never produced better results. As a law firm, when analyzing your marketing efforts, pay careful attention to your cost per case.
    Find the method of advertising that produces the lowest possible cost per case with the maximum fees. We can do that for you. TV advertising has produced a lower cost per case than other forms of advertising for years.

  • We do not require a long term contract. Each station has an agreement regarding termination of advertising that has been ordered. This is usually 30 days. We have a mutual agreement with our clients that allows either of us to terminate our contract with 30 days written notice.

  • We are paid through an agency discount/commission. When we place media buys for you, the TV station gives us an agency discount/commission, which is only available to advertising agencies. We value long term relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on providing the lowest cost per case in the legal advertising industry. It is important that we offer transparency to our clients. We send monthly accounting statements, which will outline how your marketing budget was spent. At DLM we have the philosophy that if we get our clients the lowest possible rates their satisfaction will keep them as our clients, get them the most possible cases at the best cost per client and have them refer others to us.

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