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Denture Clinic Marketing

An older clientele are going to be in the market for dentures, so it is important to choose a marketing technique that will appeal to this audience. Direct response marketing is effective in these cases. You want these potential customers to take a direct and specific action when they see your advertisement. This is a very effective technique to reach this older fixed-income demographic audience.

Email and Direct Mail

Senior citizens are the print newspaper generation. They still enjoy reading a newspaper from front to back while enjoying morning coffee. That’s why direct mail and to a lesser extent emailed newsletters are effective. They want information about the various types of dentures available, insurance and Medicare coverage, and similar topics. The newsletter should contain a specific call to action to compel the reader to join your email list or call you for denture quotes. Seniors seek help from their kids when making major health decisions, so email newsletters that can be forwarded work well.

Television Ads

Daytime television ads are much cheaper relative to prime time ads, and you can reach a lot of seniors at a much lower cost per thousand. Create a professional ad with a compelling call to action to have potential customers pick up the phone and give you a call. The ads should make a specific offer that will appeal to people in the market for dentures. The offer doesn’t have to be a hard sell; it can appeal to the person’s frustrations or desire for better dentures.

Why It Works

All of the methods described above can be tracked, so you know which ad is bringing you which customers. This allows you to tweak what’s working and eliminate what’s not as you move forward in your marketing strategy.

Direct marketing effectively targets your niche customers, so it’s much more cost effective. You can target geographic areas or other demographics like age and income. The ads are designed to appeal to your narrow market.

No matter what form of ad you use, make it easy to respond by providing a phone number or easy-to-remember website. Reward the customer for contacting you by sending free information or free samples. The offering should entice the customer to make an appointment or to visit your clinic showroom. For best results, put a time constraint on the offer, or create a quantity limit.

Not everyone will need dentures right away, and direct marketing is excellent for nurturing prospective clients. They need to hear from you at least once a month so that you achieve name recognition. You’ll stay fresh in their minds and you’ll have new clients before you know it!

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