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Online Branded Leads

We specialize in creating and managing branded digital marketing campaigns. Lead gen does not have to be generic leads, in the standard format you are used to. We produce on going branded campaigns, using your own firm name, and our digital marketing tactics. Our branded leads are generated with a variety of paid digital ad campaigns and organic content. Our campaigns produce a mix of calls and forms, and we charge a management fee on top of the monthly digital spend. You simply pay for management of your campaign, not a middleman. If you are interested in receiving exclusive, real time leads, branded for your firm, call us today! Why spend money on generic leads, without any branding, when you can invest in your own digital PPC campaign and produce a great cost per case?

TV Advertising

One of the most effective ways of marketing your professional organization is by creating intelligent, clear commercials that speak directly to the potential client. Direct response commercials produce immediate results for law firms, denture clinics, and more. At DL Marketing we know what works! Our team of professionals at DL Marketing has extensive experience with TV advertising for professional organizations. We are a turnkey operation, offering TV commercial production, media buying research and strategies, rate negotiations, and an overall sense of direction for your TV advertising. If needed, we provide pre-written scripts, taglines, and more to ensure that a quality and effective TV advertisement is produced.

Website / SEO / PPC

For any professional these days, an up to date website is a must. Our team is experienced with constructing appealing, professional websites and implementing effective SEO strategies. In accordance with TV advertising, paid digital, direct mail, and word of mouth, maintaining an informative, updated website is imperative to the success of your organization. Interested, potential clients who see your advertisements may desire more information about your company. A well-designed website that provides a wealth of helpful information will help in converting prospects into clients.

We create well designed and attractive new websites that are mobile friendly. We provide ongoing SEO services with high quality content marketing. We also work with paid digital to drive traffic to your site. Our experience PPC managers use programmatic software to ensure none of your investment is wasted. We also run unique digital campaigns with Google Adwords, video networks, geo-targeting, and facebook ads.

Some prospects may not see you on television but will only search the web. That’s where our top notch SEO strategists will make you the professional that stands out.

Build a Broader Customer Base through Stronger Advertising Strategies

If you are a professional working in a volume industry, advertising your organization via intelligent marketing strategies is an absolute must. DL Marketing helps attorneys with contingency fee practices, denture clinics, and dentists to maximize their efforts to effectively market their services. We work with our clients every step of the way, and handle media buys, conduct ratings and competitive research, produce 30 second TV ads, revamp websites, implement SEO, manage PPC campaigns, and more.

Personalized Marketing Solutions

DL Marketing provides comprehensive advertising strategies designed to produce the lowest possible cost per case for professional service organizations. We work with professionals who manage volume practices, such as: contingency fee law firms, dentists, denture clinics, and real estate agencies. We know direct response advertising and can increase your client base. We help organizations improve business growth using a wide array of services. Whether you have a marketing strategy in place, or require a brand new strategy, we can assist you in creating concise commercials that speak directly to your clients/patients. We take care of the hard work for you, from formulating media buying plans, to creating a new commercial, to creating and optimizing your business’s website, and more.

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