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DL Marketing was born out of the real-life experience of launching and growing a Social Security disability firm. As we scaled from scratch, we learned how to effectively market, staff, and build a scalable system, which has since grown to serve thousands of clients nationwide.

We then realized that other SSD firms and advocacy companies needed help in both marketing and staffing. Recognizing this gap, around 15 years ago, we decided to start an SSD marketing agency. Armed with real-life experience and a proven methodology, our clients now enjoy the benefits of all our knowledge and testing over the years, without the expense of trial and error.

Today we help firms of all sizes market and grow their practices, and our staffing company LM Summary Services, helps support that growth.

Throughout the years, we've implemented various marketing strategies, starting with traditional media like TV and progressing into digital marketing. Our clients benefit directly from our extensive research and experience without the risks of DIYing or entrusting generalist agencies.

With our extensive network, our campaigns are impactful and make the most of every resource. Key aspects include:

  • Creating a standardized marketing approach Creating a standardized marketing approach: We've developed a reliable marketing method, which we apply across different campaigns.
  • Keyword optimization for digital campaigns Keyword optimization for digital campaigns: Tailoring digital content to ensure maximum visibility and reach.
  • Targeted TV ads Targeted TV ads: Crafting TV commercials that speak directly to the SSD market. We also focus on getting the best ad rates and creating ads that prompt viewers to respond right away, ensuring strong engagement in our chosen markets.
  • Staying true to our niche Staying true to our niche: Our focus is solely on SSD law firms. This specialization means that we understand our client's needs better than other marketing agencies, making our services particularly effective for them.
  • Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We optimize your online presence to ensure high visibility on search engines, connecting you with clients who are actively seeking SSD legal assistance.
  • Pay-Per-Click Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Our targeted PPC campaigns are crafted to attract the right audience, maximizing your return on investment, and driving relevant traffic to your website.
  • Television Advertising Television Advertising: We create compelling national and local TV commercials and placements that resonate with your target demographic, ensuring your firm's message reaches a wide audience effectively.
  • Lead Generation Lead Generation: Our strategies are designed to generate high-quality leads, connecting you with potential clients who require SSD legal services.
  • Branded and Unbranded Strategies Branded and Unbranded Strategies: We employ both branded strategies to build your firm’s identity and unbranded tactics to capture a broader audience, balancing recognition with reach.
  • Referral Sources Referral Sources: We help you establish and strengthen referral networks, enhancing your firm's reputation and client base through trusted partnerships.
  • Additional Customized Solutions Additional Customized Solutions: Beyond these core services, we offer additional customized strategies to address the specific needs and goals of your SSD law firm such as website design and development.

Ready to elevate your marketing to new levels? Discover why SSD law firms trust us to lead their marketing efforts. We're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your firm stands out in the competitive SSD market.

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Our Staffing Company

Need Intake Agents, Phone Answering Services and Back Office Agents?

LM Summary Services provides innovative high-quality Business Transformation Services for SSDI and Mass Tort Firms right from contact center, to medical summarization, to back-office support, to retainer management, to paralegal support, to mass torts settlements.

LM Summary Services