Unbranded Campaigns
Unbranded campaigns let you connect with clients in an effective way at scale. The goal of this strategy is to increase your firm/advocacy company’s case load and to work along side branded efforts to supplement case volume.

What are Unbranded Campaigns?

Unbranded campaigns are marketing strategies where your firm's services are promoted without directly mentioning its name. These strategies might include creating informative content, or using generic branding that focuses on the service benefits rather than the provider.

Disability Help Today is a brand name created by DL Marketing, and is the largest national TV campaign for SSD representatives in the country. The benefits of this campaign are national reach and ad spend, but only the cost of local market campaigns. Ads are run nationwide with a long term, large scale, national TV ad, and calls are routed to representatives by state.

By using this brand, your firm can still reach the right audience without the need to invest in your own campaign and delay in generating a volume of cases. It can also be a great supplement to your branded campaigns.

With Disability Help Today, the marketing workload is reduced. Your firm can use a ready-to-go brand, saving time and effort. This approach allows you to concentrate on delivering quality legal services, knowing that the marketing side is taken care of.

DL Marketing generates a high volume of monthly leads in the digital space as well. We have internal campaigns and partners to deliver thousands of leads per month to firms nationwide. Leads are generated by large scale digital campaigns with a mix of marketing tactics, like PPC, SEO and affiliate campaigns. We are careful to only offer high quality, high conversion leads, that are compliant. Many firms choose to hire us to manage both branded campaigns and large scale lead gen campaigns for their firm or advocacy company.

  • Connects you with clients in a cost effective way.Connects you with clients in a cost effective way.
  • Using Disability Help Today eases the marketing effort, offering a pre-built brand.Using Disability Help Today eases the marketing effort, offering a pre-built brand.
  • Focuses on clients' needs.Focuses on clients' needs.
  • Great way to get more leads and supplement other efforts.Great way to get more leads and supplement other efforts.
  • Less direct in building your firm's brand recognition.Less direct in building your firm's brand recognition.
  • Might need more time and labor to convert leads, particularly form leads.Might need more time and labor to convert leads, particularly form leads.

Contact DL Marketing when you're ready to start an unbranded campaign. We understand how to create powerful campaigns without disclosing the identity of your firm. Let us handle the complicated legal market on your behalf so you can focus on getting your message across.

Looking for the right marketing solution for your law firm?

Request a complimentary Market Opportunity Assessment, that will provide an assessment of your current strategy and campaigns, as well as competitive landscape, and new opportunities to help you achieve your growth objectives.

Ready to Join the Disability Help Today Brand Revolution?

Partner with DL Marketing to supplement your firm's branded efforts with unbranded campaigns boosting both your outreach and caseload.

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