Want More Business? Manage Client Relationships Better

Clients are the lifeblood of any law firm. But, often a firm can be so focused on winning cases that they neglect the other needs of their clients. Unfortunately, this practice tends to result in losing repeat business and referrals. The best way to remedy this situation is to manage your client relationships better by truly listening to them. Here are some great ways to get that done.

See Your Firm the Way Your Client Does
There is a world of difference between looking at something from two different vantage points. There is no doubt that you have a strong way you identify with your law firm. You see the inner-workings of your firm every day and know its strengths. You probably also look at your firm in a completely subjective way, while highlighting all of the best aspects of it. But, you need to start looking at your firm from the outside, in the same way that your clients do. When you start to see your firm the way your clients do, you will see that aspects you believe about your firm are viewed quite differently from the outside. So, it is important to discover exactly what your clients think by seeking detailed feedback from them.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Your Clients
The best message you can send your clients is about your commitment to them. It helps to add value to your relationship with them. A great way to send a representative to meet a client to obtain input on ways to deepen the existing relationship between the client and the firm. Once that information is received, you can start implementing strategies to strengthen your connection with that client. The initial meeting with the firm’s representative and the client is a tangible symbol of your firm’s commitment to serving the client in a way that is meaningful to him or her.

Strengthen Client Collaboration at the Firm
It is important to forge strong relationships with your clients, and one way to accomplish this feat it by encouraging their collaboration with your firm. Cases are often multidimensional and require collaboration from many people in the firm. A case can only been enhanced when the client is also involved in the collaboration efforts and expresses his or her needs.

If you have questions about managing your relationships with your clients, contact DL Marketing today. We are here to help you help your clients.

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